GR Communications designed by Ascend


Logo design with ligature and quotation mark detail by Ascend for London-based PR agency GR Communications

GR Communications is a London-based PR agency described as being made-up of a ‘close knit group of progressive and forward thinking experts’. Their visual identity, designed by independent brand, graphic and web design agency Ascend, captures the idea of unity, communication and creativity through a simple ligature detail, quotation marks and a diverse, vibrant but complimentary colour palette.

“By using a palette of strong vibrant colours for the rebrand to support the new company logo, we were able to convey the individuals, their different skill sets, and the strength and harmony of their team and work.”

- Ascend

The monogram, set at the very heart of the visual identity through its large application across the stationery and website, contrasts classic serif details with the practicalities associated with stencil cuts – cleverly creating single quotation marks ideal for a communications firm – and delivering a subtle sense of unity and integration through a simple, unforced ligature and tight letter-spacing. An underlying industrial and economical quality resonates through the slab serifs of Museo on-line and Archer in print and the block shadows and manual-like layout of the collaterals. A bright colour palette of dyed rather than surface printed uncoated substrate choice and playful tone of voice introduce a creativity and cheerfulness that brings a nice balance to both the functionality of the type and the classic embellishments of the monogram.

Logo with ligature and quotation mark detail and bright, dyed paper business cards created by Ascend for London-based PR agency GR Communications

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Print with monogram and coloured paper detail created by Ascend for PR agency GR Communications

Logo and website created by Ascend for PR agency GR Communications

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