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Feldthusen designed by Mousegraphics


Packaging designed by Mousegraphics for Danish canned food brand Feldthusen

Feldthusen is a Danish canned food brand created for both the home buyer and restaurant bulk buyers of Northern Europe. Design agency Mousegraphics developed a new brand identity and packaging solution for Feldthusen that while relying on market conventions of hand drawn typography, script logotype, organic photographic detail and plenty of white space, delivers a communicative simplicity and sense of quality.

“We framed the existing handwritten version of this and balanced it with a small irregular hole-like sign next to it. Referencing a small food bite, a liquid spot or an ink drop this sign is becoming part of a larger packaging alphabet we designed for the assignment. As we had to predict different uses for small and large quantities, we assembled a group of original, recognizable and flexible visual tools: We invested in a new letter type, a custom made, hand over-painted, organic looking version of ‘News Gothic MT’. We opted for clear images of canned food units avoiding shadows and depth graphics. We designed the logotype as a constant underlining visual reminder. Essential, well preserved cooking ingredients come forward as basic food grammar for all.”

- Mousegraphics

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Packaging designed by Mousegraphics for Danish canned food brand Feldthusen

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  • Rocky Roark

    Very nice, reminds me of a the true classic “generic” look and having that splash of color with the photos is really a great touch!

  • Mat.

    Great work! I love the simple efficiency!