Lux Capital by Mucho, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and animated logo for Lux Capital by Mucho, United States

Lux Capital is an American venture capital firm investing in the fields of science and technology, partnering with inventors who challenge the status quo and what we currently understand as the laws of nature to bring futuristic ideas to life.

Graphic design studio Mucho developed a simple brand identity for Lux Capital that expresses the collaborative nature of today’s innovations, and the remixing of ideas, by drawing out and emphasising the × and + within the name through the angle of the logotype. It is a simple typographical observation given a relevant conceptual basis. This then extends across business cards, note cards, stationery and website.

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HEWN by Föda, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.


HEWN is an American architectural woodworking shop, custom furniture fabrication and metalworking business with extensive facilities, a team of master-craftsmen, a national presence and local legacy. It also has a preference for native Texas and reclaimed woods.

HEWN worked with Austin based graphic design studio Föda to develop a new brand identity that would help ensure market share and longevity, and would lay the groundwork for future leadership transitions.

This began with strategy and naming, included logo and logotype design, and extended across signage, business cards, t-shirts and website, as well as van, garage door and hopper signage.

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Playground by Character, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and bright red business cards with white foil detail for venture fund and start-up studio Playground by Character

Playground is an American venture fund and start-up studio that takes a hands-on approach to mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs. It was established with the intention of removing typical operational burdens associated with product development, drawing on the first-hand experiences of its four founders, freeing entrepreneurs to focus on what makes their idea great. Playground not only funds new ventures but offers time, expertise and a space designed to foster creativity and to help ideas flourish, with both machine shops and labs furnished with the latest technologies.

Drawing on the name and the company’s belief that play is integral to the process of new product development, alongside expertise, and with a desire to avoid the visual conventions of the venture capital industry, San Francisco based studio Character developed a brand identity for Playground that mixes the conviviality of a bright red colour palette with contemporary type choices, high-quality materials and print finishes, and plenty of motion online.

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