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Basement Theatre by Studio Alexander, New Zealand

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branding for Basement Theatre by graphic design agency Studio Alexander

Basement Theatre is an independent, underground, community theatre located on Auckland’s Lower Greys Avenue. It was established in 2008 as a place to showcase new voices, fresh perspectives and emerging young talent, and to provide these with the space to develop their performances. The theatre has played host to dancers, visual artists, poets, musicians, comedians and everything in between.

Taking their cues from the unique basement location, and a brief that called for a bold, playful and edgy identity, Studio Alexander built a system around a simple but smart logotype with a step component, the impact of fluorescent inks, tinted photography, rotalics and plenty of contrast.

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Loving Earth by Round, Australia

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Package design for Loving Earth raw chocolate by graphic design studio Round

Loving Earth is an Australian business, established in 2007 by Scott Fry and Martha Butler, that produces a variety of chocolates, snacks, cereals, butters and spreads. All of Loving Earth’s products are made from high quality, organic and fairtrade ingredients, and include ranges that are gluten, grain, dairy and sugar-free. Although taking advantage of a growing multi-million dollar industry, Loving Earth’s values are grounded by a genuine passion for environmental sustainability and individual well-being, rather than wealth, which is expressed, at length, online.

Loving Earth worked with Melbourne based graphic design studio Round to redesign its raw chocolate packaging. This replaces a low impact but earthy design with one of visual interest that effectively uses colour, form and type to make a better and more compelling connection with raw ingredient, emphasises flavour profile and secures a far more idiosyncratic quality.

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Iron Grill by End Of Work, Australia

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branding for Australian fast food business Iron Grill by graphic design studio End Of Work

Iron Grill is fast food outlet preparing healthy, flame grilled wraps and burgers, to order, from its kitchen and counter at the Optus headquarters at Macquarie Park, Australia. The food court at Optus is a competitive environment with a large captive audience of over 6,500 people and a number of other food outlets competing for business but serving familiar, unhealthy favourites.

To help define and convey the simplicity, preparation and quality of Iron Grill’s menu, and to emphasise its difference, graphic design studio End Of Work developed a brand identity treatment that takes the flame grilled foundation of the business’s menu and the industry qualities of its counter, and infuses these with an earthy crafted quality through watercolour brush strokes, a limited economical colour palette and uncoated papers and boards. The project included, business card, packaging, signage and menu design.

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