We Are Tonic designed by Blok

Logo designed by Blok for Toronto based advertising agency We Are Tonic

We Are Tonic, formerly McDonnell Haynes, is a Toronto based advertising agency with an ‘innovative approach to solving business problems by harnessing the brainpower of an “idea collective”’. Independent design agency Blok were commissioned to develop We Are Tonic’s visual identity, following the name change, that would reflect the company’s repositioning as a big agency alternative.

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Atelier AF designed by Blok

Atelier af - Logo and branding created by Blok

Atelier af is an international art consultancy and publishing firm based in Mexico City. This month the company launched a new visual identity based around an unusual and unique double monogram, created by independent and multidisciplinary design agency Blok, that fuses and contrasts forms that convey classic artistic ideals such as emotion, individuality and expression and the modernistic themes of systems, pragmatism and objectivity.

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La Main Bagel Co. designed by Ugo Varin

Packaging with vintage map based illustrative detail designed by Ugo Varin for La Main Bagel Co.

La Main Bagel Co. is a store, located in Montreal’s St-Laurent district, that specialises in the hand-made and wood-fired Montreal-bagel. Independent graphic designer Ugo Varin was commissioned to develop the brand’s packaging, cleverly contrasting the fine detail of a vintage map and the bold, solid fill and craft aesthetic of a sticker to resolve the handmade nature of the bagels and the stores historic location, traditions and convergence of cultures.

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