BP&O Collections — Block Foiling

Selected by Richard Baird.

Block Foiling Gallery & Inspiration — BP&O Collections

A continually updated gallery of graphic identity and packaging design work, reviewed and published on BP&O, that utilise foil blocking. These include solid, clear and multi-coloured foils, and those that feature micro-structures or sculpted details. This post features work by Studio South, Triboro and Bedow, and covers a variety of projects, from property developments and artists to restaurants and coffee subscription services.

The work below explores the intersection of the graphic and surface, the striking and the subtle. They move between a simple aesthetic pleasure in conjunction with materials, interesting ideas, a continuity of concept and communicative intention. These all serve to maintain a sense of quality, where ubiquity of finish seeks to undermine. Also check out Blind Embossing and Die Cutting.

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Nth Fitzroy by Studio Hi Ho, Australia

Opinion by Richard Baird

Nth Fitzroy is a residential property development project from Milieu located in the heart of the inner north of Melbourne. It features 26 uniquely breathable apartments within an innovative architectural structure with an exterior skin of single and double story shutters.

In response to seasonal environmental conditions, the changing light of the day, and the minute by minute activities of its occupants, the intrinsic nature of these shutters within exterior structure give the impression of a living building and a daily rhythm.

Inside, apartments are highly functional but also warm and welcoming, encouraging interaction and engagement. Smart storage space sits alongside moments of simple aesthetic pleasures that include natural material details and tactile high quality finishes. Working with Loose Leaf, Milieu helps to bring nature right into private and shared spaces of Nth Fitzroy’s spaces, to compliment its architectural concept, through a variety of indoor plants.

To help bring to light the unique qualities of the property and its apartments Studio Hi Ho developed a strategy and promotional activity with two distinct components, united by the concept of Breathable Apartments. The first, titled Plants, is a mix of document, website and event run by Plant Hunter, which is dedicated to indoor plants. The second, AM/PM, is a document that explores the life of the building and its surroundings through a cycle of 12 hours. Although this project was completed in 2016, this is the first time it has been published in its entirety online.

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