Dripp Boxed Water by Salih Kucukaga

Packaging designed by Salih Kucukaga for coffee bar Dripp's new Boxed Water

Boxed Water is a sustainable water, art and philanthropic project that delivers the plastic bottle experience through an alternative and more environmentally conscious carton-based structural design. Independent graphic designer and illustrator Salih Kucukaga, was recently commissioned by Southern California based coffee bar brand Dripp to develop a custom adhesive label treatment that would wrap the Boxed Water carton and create a co-branded product experience. Along with photographs of this latest project Sahil has very kindly provided the answers to few questions about his background, inspirations and aspirations.

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We Are Tonic designed by Blok

Logo designed by Blok for Toronto based advertising agency We Are Tonic

We Are Tonic, formerly McDonnell Haynes, is a Toronto based advertising agency with an ‘innovative approach to solving business problems by harnessing the brainpower of an “idea collective”’. Independent design agency Blok were commissioned to develop We Are Tonic’s visual identity, following the name change, that would reflect the company’s repositioning as a big agency alternative.

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Plow designed by Perky Bros

Logo and stationery design by Perky Bros for customer acquisition service and telecom/energy contractor Plow

Plow is a Tennessee based customer acquisition service and telecom/energy contractor for the large to mid-size business sector. Their identity, created by multidisciplinary design agency Perky Bros, neatly communicates the experience, professionalism and advisory nature of Plow’s service, the commodities they manage and their renewable energy options through a logo-type built from a stencil cut serif typeface and apostrophe detail set across a stationery solution that utilises an unbleached recycled material choice and a website with a mixed fibre background.

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