Hidraulik by Hey, Spain

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Hidraulik x Hey, a new range of 100% PVC floor and table mats inspired by 20th century modernism

Hidraulik is a Barcelona-based business producing floor mats, table mats and runners for contemporary spaces. These are inspired by cement panels hydraulically pressed, rather than fired, with a layer of coloured pigment.

Hydraulic panels originated in the 1850’s and experienced a resurgence in the mid 20th century. At that time they would often feature brightly coloured and detailed patterns, and were popular during an era of personalisation and interior self-expression. Hidraulik brings these right up to date, applying a similar aesthetic quality to a thin, flexible and moveable PVC surface.

The first range was made up of Art Nouveau-inspired prints designed in house, and was followed up by modernist-inspired prints created by Huaman, the graphic design studio also responsible for Hidraulik’s brand identity and packaging.

This week sees the launch of Hidrualik’s latest range, created by Barcelona-based graphic design studio Hey. These build on the retrospective references of Huaman’s designs but with some of the idiosyncrasies of Hey’s own work, often convivial in colour, form and composition. Hydraulic describe this new range as diverging from but still honouring something of the modernist traditions that inspires the brand.

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Have A Great Day Films by Hey, Spain

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand Identity and business cards for Have A Great Day Films by Hey

Have A Great Day Films is the production company of French filmmaker Jérôme de Gerlache. Jérôme is said to have a taste for professional risk-taking and a distinct way of making short films, advertisements and TV comedies. Barcelona based graphic design studio Hey recently worked with Have A Great Day Films to develop a brand identity that would reflect Jérôme’s personality, convey a message of positivity, was sensitive to past experience and influences, but also looked towards the future. The project went on to include custom typography, title formatting and business cards.

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