In Bed designed by Moffitt.Moffitt

Logo and label for online linen retailer In Bed designed by Moffitt.Moffitt

In Bed is an online store that retails homeware items such as handmade ceramic and wood saucers, bowls and mugs created by Japanese and American designers, as well as high quality linens, and describes itself as a celebration of “everything we love to do in bed.”

In Bed’s visual identity, developed by Australian studio Moffitt.Moffitt, establishes a visual simplicity through undecorated type, draws personality and the “ability to reinvent itself within a narrow product range” from this using emotive language choices, and neatly sets these within the context of strong personable photography that mixes texture and informal model shots, the tactile quality of a laid linen white paper, a website of editorial and product content, and a shopping experience that blends seasonal trends with accessible product browsing. The result is an interesting contrast of typographical austerity, fine detail and relaxation effectively delivered through tone of voice, image and texture.

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Rewined designed by Stitch

Logo for candle in a wine bottle brand Rewined designed by Stitch

Back in November 2011 premium soy wax candle brand Rewined launched a new packaging solution created by Charleston-based independent design agency Stitch. I described the project in my original post as neatly resolving the themes of candle and wine craft, vintage and heritage through a diverse but coherent combination of earthy textures, a recycled letter-pressed label, hand stamped stickers, a simple identity solution that draws together origin and local industry through a classic circular crest lock-up with aged and humanist imperfections, alongside a bright ‘wax’ seal token and hand signed detail.

Stitch have recently published images of a number of other brand assets that share and expand on the craft cues and textures of the product with the addition of a lovely two ply, uncoated, unbleached board and a light veneered business card with sticker detail, the brass screws of the catalogue, the deep green of a tape and the grain sack-like qualities of a string-tied canvas bag.

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