Hidraulik by Huaman, Spain

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Logo, visual identity and package design by Huaman Studio for mat and rug business Hidraulik

Hidraulik is a Barcelona based business producing rugs for contemporary spaces. These are inspired by cement panels hydraulically pressed, rather than fired, with a layer of coloured pigment.

Hydraulic panels originated in the 1850’s and experienced a resurgence in the mid 20th century, these would often feature brightly coloured and detailed patterns, and were popular during an era of personalisation and interior expression. Hydraulic brings these into the present, by applying a similar aesthetic qualitiy to a thin, flexible and moveable surface.

The range includes a variety of Art Nouveau prints produced in house, and modernist inspired designs developed by Huaman, the graphic design studio also responsible for Hidraulik’s brand identity, business card and package design.

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Enea by Clase bcn, Spain

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Catalogue for furniture design and manufacturing business Enea designed by Clase bcn

Enea is a contemporary furniture manufacturer with a site in the Basque Country. Collaborating with designers Josep Lluscá, Gabriel Teixidó and the trio Lievore Alhterr Molina, Enea has developed a catalogue of versatile, comfortable, durable and functional products for the private and commercial markets.

Seeking to differentiate itself from its competitors and with a desire to avoid cliches of the industry, Barcelona based graphic design studio Clase bcn developed a distinctive brand identity treatment for Enea that reflects the company’s Basque origin in a distinctive and contemporary fashion and, using a striking spartan style, references industrial manufacturing. This was visualised through type, colour, image contrast and print, and launched alongside Enea’s latest range which coincided with the Milan Furniture Fair. The project extended to business cards, brand guidelines and brochure.

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Simon Pengelly by Spin, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Business cards for British furniture and product design business Simon Pengelly by Spin

Pengelly Design is a British furniture and product design studio, founded by Simon Pengelly in 1993, that embraces a material and process led approach to problem solving, and an aesthetic that has a lightness, simplicity and timelessness. Since its foundation the studio has gone on to secure and complete a variety of national and international furniture, transport and product design projects in collaboration with businesses and manufacturers such as Lapalma, Habitat and Modus, Virgin Atlantic and Joseph Joseph.

Pengelly’s new brand identity, created by UK based graphic design studio Spin and based around a symbol of vertical and consistently weighted strokes, draws its inspiration from the profile of one of Simon’s chairs, constructed from plywood, and set within the context of an earthy, urban and vivid colour palette of brown, grey and bright orange boards. The project included stationery, box tape, business cards and website design.

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