The Tokenhouse by Designers Anonymous

Logo for The Tokenhouse created by Designers Anonymous

The Tokenhouse is a gastropub – run by hospitality brand Fuller’s – located on London’s Moorgate road. Designers Anonymous – the agency behind the branding of Fuller’s King’s Cross pub venture The Parcel Yard and fair-trade coffee range Brewer St. – developed a visual identity for the venue that appropriates 17th century history, gives it a contemporary vector treatment, a creative but cohesive diversity throughout the print work and a high quality finish across the exterior signage.

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Jamsheed designed by Cloudy Co.

Packaging design by Cloudy Co. for Yarra Valley boutique wine label Jamsheed

Melbourne-based design studio Cloudy Co. have recently developed the labels and visual identity for Yarra Valley boutique wine label Jamsheed, ‘named after a Persian king who according to ancient writings had a fondness for storing fresh grapes in jars, thus leading to the discovery of wine’. The packaging solution expands on the name and communicates a sense of bold flavour and craft through geometric, Persian pattern work executed with a heavy, contemporary, single and consistent line weight, the high quality and tactile detail of a lovely thermographic ink treatment and a simple variation in crop and colour dividing each variety.

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254 Forest designed by Codefrisko

Logo for creative studio 254 Forest designed by Codefrisko

254 Forest is a Brussels-based creative studio – run by Claire Silva Moreira, Frederic Ameel, Jean-Stéphane Garbe, Ismael Moumin and international videographer Pierre Debusschere – that works within the fields of photography, film, music production and post production. Their visual identity, developed by graphic design agency Codefrisko, utilises a distinctive combination of a pearlesque substrate and holographic block foil treatment across the studio’s business card, the contrast of a sharp logo-type and blurred, 45 degree lightning strike – perhaps the flash of a bulb, the energy necessary for creative endeavour or the presentation of perspective -, and the website’s clear sense of foreground and background, to neatly resolve the depth of focus and changing light of still and moving images. Avoiding the more obvious and literal visualisations of the industry.

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