Tapped Birch Water by Horse, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Package design for flavoured birch water brand Tapped by UK graphic design studio Horse

Tapped is an organic birch water, drawn straight from trees growing in Finland, and available in Bilberry & Lingonberry, Apple & Root Ginger and unflavoured varieties in the UK from Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic and online.

Birch water is a traditional spring time drink and medicinal ingredient in Finland, tapped from birch trees which filter ground water up through their roots and trunk acquiring minerals, vitamins and manganese, an antioxidant, in the process.

Tapped worked with UK based graphic design studio Horse to develop a brand identity and package design that would communicate the Nordic and birch tree origin of the water, distinguish it from other waters, be compelling to a market unfamiliar with the product and also be environmentally conscientious.

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Goldsmiths, University of London by Spy, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branding for Goldsmiths, University of London by UK based graphic design studio Spy

Goldsmiths is a world-renowned public research university founded in 1891 and located in south-east London. It provides a diverse programme of study, but specialises in creativity, and covers the arts, design, humanities, and social sciences.

Goldsmiths’ heritage, which was reflected in its previous identity in a familiar and conventional manner, makes way for a far more current visual expression created by British graphic design studio Spy. This included an unassuming sans-serif logotype, a bold and expressive typographical system based around the font family Druk, a revised tone of voice and bright spot colour alongside those that are described as subdued. This unites a variety of print communication including, but not limited to, posters, postcards and welcome packs.

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Unoco Raw Coconut Water by B&B Studio, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branding and packaging for raw coconut water brand Unoco by London based graphic design agency B&B Studio

UK based Unoco works with a community of smallholders in the Philippines to produce an unrefined, unpasteurised and untreated raw coconut water. This is drawn from young coconuts, characterised by their green rather than brown colour, picked at their nutritional prime and placed into bottles rather than tetra pak or cans using HPP. This process gives the water a distinctive pink colour, a result of oxidisation, which is said to be confirmation that all the natural goodness of the water has been retained.

Graphic design agency B&B Studio recently worked with Unoco to reinvent its brand identity and package design, and embraced an approach that favours bold organic typography, bright colour and plenty of white space as a way to express the rawness of product within a category dominated by processed alternatives.

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