Sumer And The Modern Paradigm by Clase bcn, Spain

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Graphic identity and print by Clase bcn for exhibition Sumer And The Modern Paradigm

Sumer And The Modern Paradigm is an exhibition at Barcelona’s contemporary art gallery Fundació Joan Miró, and runs from 28th October 2017 to 21st January 2018. It intends explore and attempt to explain the influence of Mesopotamian art on modern artists, with a particular focus on the interwar period. The exhibition analyses work produced between the twenties and forties, takes a look at the documentation of Mesopotamian art that modern artists encountered and were inspired during this time, and looks to find the reasons for their fascination with the discoveries of ancient Near East artefacts. This relationship between between antiquity and modernity is expressed through the graphic identity of the exhibition, designed by Spanish studio Clase bcn, using a contrast of form and colour. This links a variety of printed communications and merchandise that included posters and flyers as well as tote bags and books.

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The Best of BP&O — December 2017

Selected by Richard Baird.

Best Branding & Packaging December 2017

As BP&O closes out the year we took a look back at some of the stand out work from 2017. These included our favourite Graphic Identities, Packaging, and Graphic Design and those Studios that had three or more features.

This final “Best of” picks out BP&O’s highlights from December with the intention of recognising projects that display a smart use of small budgets—those that channel spending into the most appropriate assets—and those with a broad and holistic quality, establishing a continuity (conceptual and/or visual) across multiple touch points.

Also, BP&O continued to expand on its collections series as another way to jump through to older posts. A new addition to this was Logotypes, which has been updated throughout December to include over 30 examples selected from the graphic identity projects featured on the site since 2011.

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