Michael Barley Photography designed by 3advertising

Logo and letter-press, mixed fibre business card with sticker detail and die cut window by 3advertising for photographer Michael Barley

Michael Barley is a Texas-based commercial photographer with experience in the corporate, advertising and healthcare sectors. His visual identity and business cards, developed by 3advertising, is a lovely mix of simple typography and a crafted and communicative business card solution that adds a tactile dimensionality to the vivid detail of Michael’s photographs.

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Tom Solo designed by Mash Creative

Logo and business card with debossed copper foil detail for photographer Tom Solo designed by Mash

Tom Solo is a German born multilingual photographer with a modern, innovative approach and a growing international client roster. His new visual identity, created by UK based independent design agency Mash Creative, juxtaposes bleached and unbleached material choices, hand-stamped and block foil print finishes and a traditional serif and modernistic sans serif to achieve a smart communicative fusion of practicality and high quality.

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Hanna Ukura designed by Dalston

Logo designed by Dalston for Swedish portrait and fashion photographer Hanna Ukura

Hanna Ukura is a portrait and fashion photographer with an interest in geometric forms, patterns, texture and described as having a slightly dark and dreamy style. Her visual identity, designed by Stockholm based Dalston, is an unusual and slightly surrealist contrast of organic marble pattern, geometric shapes and tall well spaced san serif letter-forms that cleverly captures the complexity and photographic craft of Hanna’s work.

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