Croxley Park by Blast, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and brochure with uncoated paper and block foil print finish by Blast for UK business park Croxley Park

Croxley Park is a business park located two miles from the town of Watford, United Kingdom, with good local public transport links and twelve minutes from the M25, an arterial route that encircles Greater London. Although strategically placed to make the most of these networks, Croxely Park also has a unique 25 acre parkland setting. Currently, this is home to both multi-national companies and small start-ups, which make up the park’s 2,600 inhabitants.

With the aspiration of becoming one of the top UK business parks, and the intention of competing on a national and international scale, Croxley park worked with London-based graphic design studio Blast to conduct a strategic review, help clarify its positioning and create a new brand identity.

Based around the concept “&More”, Blast developed a solution that brings to life the environment and culture that surrounds the park, its amenities and high-quality service. This is brought together and expressed through cheerful colour and illustration, custom type treatment, photography and moving image, copyrighting, symbol and the materiality of brochure.

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In Search Of The Present at EMMA by Werklig, Finland

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and book designed by Helsinki-based Werklig for EMMA exhibition series In Search Of The Present

In Search Of The Present is a new series of exhibitions on a 3–4 year cycle held at Helsinki’s Espoo Museum of Modern Art (EMMA). These intend to tackle many of the existential questions that we face in an ever changing world. The first exhibition, inspired by Olavi Paavolainen’s essay collection from 1929, took place between October ’16 – January ’17 and was a study in the representations and expressions of human identity in the digitalized world.

Drawing on the themes of change and the passage of time, Finnish graphic design studio Werklig developed a brand identity connected by a sense of movement, implied in the cropping of text across posters, books, and supergraphics, physically in the motion of outdoor campaign posters, and digitally in the scrolling of social media content.

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Pontus In The Air by Bold, Sweden

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Logotype by Stockholm-based Bold for Arlanda Airport restaurant Pontus In The Air

Pontus In The Air is located at Sweden’s Arlanda Airport and was developed with the intention of being Europe’s leading airport restaurant in its blend of high quality, affordable prices and fast service. It features three distinct areas, The Brasserie, a classic bistro with table service inspired by the golden days of aviation, The Market, a self-service canteen with a more utilitarian finish, and Take-off, an area dedicated to take-ways.

Owners Pontus Frithof, a Swedish company founded by renowned chef Pontus Stenshäll, worked with Stockholm-based graphic design studio Bold, following their collaboration on city restaurant Tidningshuset by Pontus, to create a name and visual identity for this latest project. Inspired by chef Pontus Stenshäll’s colourful and charismatic character, the movement and energy of the airport, and with a desire to work together luxury and an element of humour, Bold crafted an identity of typographical play yet simplicity, and convivial illustrative detail. This links business cards, menus, mobile app, interior graphics and website.

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