3.Stock designed by Papriko Ink

3-Stock Designed by Papriko, Ink

3.Stock is a bar and club venue situated in Aarau, Switzerland. Their new identity, designed by Swiss and Japanese based agency Papriko Ink, uses a holistic approach to create a succinct and simple communicative brand idea that included logo design, iconography and a modular system for printed collaterals.

This is quite a refreshing approach to club and bar communication which is often a rigid identity forced into representing a variety of event types. Here, Papriko Ink has created a flexible yet unified system that is simple and consistent clearly taking its cues from public information systems. The logo-mark, based on the three floor layout of the venue, has a very minimal and abstract form but with a relevant and functional role. The icons reflect this ideal with a strong communicative style while the typographical work is clear, bold and well weighted against the mark and iconography.

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3-Stock 3-Stock Designed by Papriko, Ink 3-Stock Designed by Papriko, Ink 3-Stock Designed by Papriko, Ink

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