BP&O Collections — From Scandinavia


Clay by Designbolaget – Copenhagen, Denmark


Branding for Clay — Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark by Designbolaget


Attention: Craft by Snask – Stockholm, Sweden


Logo, visual identity and print for Attention: Craft by Snask designed in Stockholm, Sweden


Torikorttelit by Kokoro & Moi  – Helsinki, Finland


Logo, visual identity and print for Torikorttelit by Kokoro & Moi designed in Helsinki, Finland


The Swedish History Museum by Bold  – Stockholm, Sweden


Logo and book for The Swedish History Museum by Bold designed in Stockholm, Sweden


Pikseli by Werklig – Helsinki, Finland


Signage for Pikseli by Werklig designed in Helsinki, Finland


Bildmuseet by Stockholm Design Lab – Stockholm, Sweden


Bildmuseet by Stockholm Design Lab designed in Helsinki, Finland


Tegn_3 by Neue – Oslo, Norway


Logo and blind embossed print for Tegn_3 by Neue designed in Oslo, Norway


K. Apeland by Bielke&Yang – Oslo, Norway


Branding by Norwegian graphic design studio Bielke&Yang for engineering consultancy K Apeland


Swedish For­est Indus­tries Fed­er­a­tion by BVD – Stockholm, Sweden




Kyrö Distillery Company by Werklig – Helsinki, Finland


Packaging with custom type for Kyrö Distillery Company by Werklig designed in Helsinki, Finland


Konserthuset Stockholm by Kurppa Hosk, Sweden


Logo, stationery and posters by Kurppa Hosk for cultural institution Konserthuset and the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra


Norwegian Presence by Bielke&Yang – Oslo, Norway


Catalogue for Norwegian Presence by graphic design studio Bielke&Yang


Swedish Handicraft Societies’ Association by Snask  – Stockholm, Sweden


Logo for Swedish Handicraft Societies’ Association by Snask designed in Stockholm, Sweden


Hello Ruby by Kokoro & Moi – Helsinki, Finland


Branding for Hello Ruby by graphic design studio Kokoro & Moi


Netsurvey by The Studio, Sweden – Stock­holm, Swe­den


Branding for Stockholm based Netsurvey by The Studio

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