From The Readers No.7

Selected by Richard Baird.


BP&O gets sent a lot of great projects. Some these, however good they maybe, do not quite work as a review, and it is always a shame to pass up the opportunity to share them. In this weekly feature, published Saturday mornings and titled From The Readers, BP&O gathers together and posts some of the work sent over during the last two weeks. This week, work from The Bakery, Only, Studio of Christine Wisnieski and Molto Bureau.


Little Brave Shop by The Bakery, Russia


Branding for Little Brave Shop by The Bakery, Russia

Anna Khmelevskaya of The Bakery got in touch with images of the studio’s work for Little Brave Shop. Little Brave Shop is a fashion boutique in the centre of Moscow stocking garments that are simple, beautiful and comfortable. Although many of the brands carried by Little Brave Shop offer their own style they all share a conscientious approach to manufacture; producing clothing and accessories locally in small quantities, using local suppliers and high-quality materials.

Little Brave Shop worked with The Bakery on naming and brand identity. Taking their cues from the difficulties of launching a new fashion store in Moscow, which included hurdles such as tough competition, unfavourable laws and customers that have seen it all, the studio and store settled on the name “Little Brave Shop” and chose a mongoose as as motif. A gold print finish across Curious Matter papers and boards gives high-quality materiality to identity. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of The Bakery’s project page to see the motif dressed in different seasonal outfits.

See more of this project here.


Trentina by Studio of Christine Wisnieski, United States


Branding for Trentina by Studio of Christine Wisnieski, United States

Christine Wisnieski e-mailed BP&O with insight into of her studio’s work for Trentina, a restaurant, created by James Beard Award Winner, Chef Jonathon Saywer, with a 1,300 square foot dining room for thirty-five guests that is intimate and opulent. Taking their cues from a dining experience that is both bold but delicate, expressive yet refined, Trentina’s brand identity blends the personal with the period, the crafted and the sophisticated. This comes through in the choices and contrast of papers and boards, the flourish of a gold foil, the strokes of a custom wordmark and its print finish.

See more of this project here.




This week BP&O took a look at Only’s brand identity work for Helbers, a Parisian fashion label with a lookbook of menswear with an unpolished elegance and feature a subtle contrast of materials. BP&O also pulled together a post on some of the Best Business Cards of 2016, featured here and designed as part of broader brand identity programme.


The University of Suffolk by Only, United Kingdom


Branding for The University of Suffolk by Only, United Kingdom

Only’s creative director Matthew Tweddle dropped BP&O a note last week with previews of the studio’s work for Helbers, which was to be published alongside a new website and further projects. While Helber’s made for a great review piece, check out BP&O’s opinion here, Only’s work for University of Suffolk also stood out for its restraint and small creative flourishes. This is perhaps best expressed in the simplicity of logo, which points to the Southeasterly location of the university, and the way this is then drawn out in print through colour and perforation.

See more of this project here.




Thank you to the following, who kindly sent images, descriptions and links in over the last few weeks. Aleksey Busygin, Zoë Quirk, Christian Helms, Liz Borchert, John Gilsenan, Julia Reinhardt, Rupert Skinner and Katia from ARENAS®lab.


Beerophilia by Molto Bureau, Ukraine


Branding for Beerophilia by Molto Bureau, Ukraine

Andriy Muzichka got in touch with a link to Molto Bureau’s work for Beerophilia. Beerophilia provides access to an unrivalled and extensive knowledge base, and celebrates the craft and workmanship of beer making through a monthly subscription service. This is expressed throughout their brand identity, a mix of robust shipping materials, typographical utility, hand finishes and a simple key and bottle opener motif which intended to convey access to the club. Other highlights include a bright red ink stamp across unbleached papers, a white ink print finish across a mixed-fibre board, and still life images.

See more of this project here.



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