LogoArchive Issue 4 by BP&O (Preview)

LogoArchive Issue 4 by BP&O (Preview)

Issue 1 of LogoArchive was conceived, designed and sent to the printers within a day. It was inspired by a panel discussion that took place at Somerset House as part of the exhibition Print! Tearing It Up Today’s zine and a revival of an independent spirit, as well as the continued rise of niche print, is a question posed to publishing and distribution structures of today as well as the enduring vessel but one-off material gesture of the bound book. The LogoArchive Instagram project was founded on a long-standing love for a well-crafted symbol. However, in print, it was never imagined as a document with just a singular intention; the simple documentation of symbols, rather a mode in which to build a story and migrate ideas.

LogoArchive Issue 4 by BP&O (Preview)

This project intends to explore the potential of the zine to reconfigure itself frequently by way of a changing insert. This is housed within the consistent form of a booklet. Issue 4 explores the liminal space between architecture and graphic design, firstly, in the documentation of symbols created for architects, architectural magazines, events and unions, and secondly, by employing the architectural and literary notion of nesting; the placing of one narrative inside another. This manifests itself in the form of a “zine within a zine”. Both exist as individual objects, however, together gain further meaning in the space and dialogue between them. The abstract texts within the insert serve as a counterpoint to the visual language of the symbols chosen to be presented in this issue. Put differently, the immediacy and visual delight of mid-century symbols and the materiality of the booklet become the mode in which to move the thoughts of the zine within. For those up on your memes, Yo Dawg.

LogoArchive Issue 4 will be printed by WithPrint on Colorplan Ebony 135gsm with multiple passes of white ink on an HP Indigo press. It features an eight-page zine insert available in three different paper colours, printed with black. These are bound with black staples. Sign up for release notifications here.

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