Oggu designed by Design Bridge

Packaging, logo and brand identity designed by Design Bridge for organic soft drink Oggu

Oggu is a Dutch brand of soft drink, the first European brand to use only 100% organic ingredients and owned by Organic Beverages. They approached the Amsterdam office of Design Bridge to develop a name, identity and packaging for their premium range. Based around the idea of ‘Delicious Purity – with a twist’  the name is a combination of the words organic and gusto (taste in Italian).

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Norwegian Shipowners’ Association by Neue

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Logo and print with deboss detail designed by Neue for Oslo-based Norwegian Shipowners' Association

Norwegian Shipowners’ Association is a group of businesses that collectively employ over 55,000 seafarers and offshore workers from more than 50 different nations. The association’s new visual identity, created by Oslo based design agency Neue, captures the open sea and sense of knowledge and experience with a two colour square and traditional serif combination.

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NYC Parks designed by Pentagram

New logo by Pentagram for New York's park land, properties, and attractions

The green leaf represents over 29,000 acres of New York park land, properties, and attractions which include Coney Island Beach, Flushing Meadows and Central Park. Managed by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation the spaces and facilities are visited by millions of New Yorkers and tourists throughout the year. This month will see the launch of a new identity system that was developed by Pentagram and led by Paula Scher that includes refinements to the logo-mark, a new typographical treatment and revisions to its application across a wide variety of touch points.

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