Seiland House designed by Eirik Gihle

Logo designed by Eirik Gihle for hotel and conference centre Seiland House

Seiland House is a hotel and conference centre in the north of Seiland Island off the coast of Norway where visitors can experience its glaciers and northern lights. A former boarding house and school, Seiland House has recently undergone a re-brand by Norwegian based designer Eirik Gihle who has captured the essence of the islands countryside.

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Home Depot

New Logo for Home Depot


This was an April fools joke executed by Matt Stevens for Brand New.

A photo taken of a Home Depot self-service checkout has emerged on Twitter that indicates there may be a change on the horizon. The new design looks to free the cramped typography from the box and opts for a simpler bolder ‘H’ logo-mark with a new version of their stencilled logo-type set underneath. Certainly an improvement should the rumours prove to be true. See the image here

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Discovery History designed by Pete&Tom

Discovery History Logo

Discovery History is a TV channel owned by Discovery Networks UK and was launched back in November 2010. Taking the existing ‘Discovery’ brand Pete&Tom, a London based design studio founded by Pete Muckleston and Tom Britton, developed the History extension using a ‘D’ logo-mark to visually peel back the years.

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