Libertine Liquor Bar by CODO, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Visual identity and menu designed by CODO for Indianapolis liquor bar Libertine

Libertine is a bar and restaurant, located on Indianapolis’ Mass Avenue, that celebrates the pioneering American spirit with an emphasis on classic cocktails, craft distillers, boutique wines and an evolving menu. It is recognised as one of the best restaurants and bars in the country, and as being instrumental in the city’s growing and continued support of local food and independent restaurants.

A light wood bar, steel rails, exposed utilities, red brick walls and I beam, comfortably sit alongside the ornament of crafted lamp shades, cast deer head, uncovered floor and the retrospective character of vintage jugs and jars. This contrast of utility and flourish, retrospection and a current favour for the crafted also make its way into Libertine’s visual identity, developed by design studio CODO and including menus, branded matches and hand painted signage.

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Fika designed by Designers Anonymous

Fika - Signage by Designers Anonymous

Fika is a bar and kitchen located on London’s Brick Lane with a rustic menu prepared on site and to order, all of which can be taken away. Created by Designers Anonymous, Fika’s visual identity, which extends on-line, in-print and as signage, is an illustrative and photographic mix of characters, cartoons and quirky compounded imagery bound by a consistent logo, material choice and a recurring perforated edge detail.

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