Vocation Brewery by Robot Food, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Illustrated packaging design by Robot Food for British craft beer brewery Vocation.

Vocation is a UK microbrewery, established and run by John Hickling, with a range of craft beers that have distinctive and punchy flavour profiles, and a visual identity, packaging design and naming convention created by Leeds-based studio Robot Food. This draws on the tropical, fruity, floral and hoppy characteristic of the range, and the brewery’s fearless, daring and renegade attitude.

This post was updated March 2017 to include Vocation’s latest release, a range of craft lagers that acknowledge the increasing interest in the subtle complexities of pilsner. Robot Food drop the detailed illustration and dark backgrounds in favour of a lighter and brighter approach with the intention of expressing the crisp and fresh qualities of these new varieties whilst working in an alternative take on the brewery’s renegade attitude.

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PangPang Summer Beer designed by Snask

Opinion by Robert Holmkvist.

Packaging with custom lettering designed by Swedish design company Snask for microbrewery PangPang's 2014 summer beers

PangPang is a Stockholm based microbrewery that was established by oddball Fredrik Tunedal in 2011. Fredrik, only 23 at the time, tattooed PangPang across his knuckles to celebrate the founding of what he believes to be Sweden’s first microbrewery. These knuckles now form the basis of the brewery’s logotype.

Swedish design studio Snask were commissioned to develop a strategy for PangPang’s 2014 summer series of hand brewed beers that would help them to compete within a growing craft beer sector and with the increasing number of microbreweries. This would be achieved by creating a playful visual identity and packaging solution that would stand out on shelves stacked with beer labels that often lacked individual character. The design and naming was built around the theme of tiki — a choice that felt suitable for summer beers and would create an ideal opportunity for interesting, distinctive and cheeky names. These included Cocojambo, Playa del Drevviken, Waikiki, Libertango and Tiki Tango.

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