Sir Taste-A-Lot designed by Neumeister

Packaging with illustrative detail and copper still print finish designed by Neumeister for low alcohol beer brand Sir Taste-A-Lot

Sir Taste-A-Lot is a new low alcohol beer from Brutal Brewing, a small craft brewery operated part time by the employees of Spendrups, a leading Swedish brewer, and is responsible for beers such as Cheap Thrills, Pistonhead Cruisin Lager and Hale To Nothing. Based around the themes of science and craft, Stockholm based design agency Neumeister developed a packaging solution that confidently blends an etched illustrative style with a non-format, mixed typographic approach and copper treatment.

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DB Draught by Designworks

Packaging with illustrative detail created by Designworks for award winning New Zealand draught ale DB Draught

DB Draught is an award winning New Zealand draught ale produced by Singaporean and Dutch owned DB Breweries, an Auckland based company that also brews for popular beer brands such as Heineken, Amstel and Tiger. This year DB Draught underwent a rebranding exercise, conducted by international studio Designworks, to develop the brand’s 80 year heritage and remain relevant to today’s customer.

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Harbour Brewing Co. designed by A-Side

Harbour Brewing Co. - Branding and packaging design by A-Side Studio

The Harbour Brewing Company is a ‘progressive and innovative’ North Cornwall based craft brewery run by Rhys Powell and Eddie Lofthouse that was launched earlier this year. Their new brand identity, created by independent design studio A-Side, mixes a nautical theme with bold typography and craft beer cues to capture the brands traditional sense of quality and its creative approach to brewing.

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