John & John Crisps

Packaging with typographic and illustrative detail for Market Grounds' hand cooked potato crisp range John & John

John & John is a range of hand cooked potato crisps made in Britain and exported to Germany by the Hamburg based company Market Grounds. I have not been able to find any information on the agency responsible for the branding or packaging, or whether this was an in-house job but the distinctive use of maritime flags, etched illustration work and bold typography made for a very interesting aesthetic that I felt needed sharing.

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Russian North designed by Art Lebedev

Packaging design with flock illustrative detail created by Art Lebedev for Ukrainian based Global Spirits' new vodka Russian North

Russian North is a new vodka product owned and distributed by Ukrainian based Global Spirits and developed for the russian market. The products branding and packaging was undertaken by international design studio Art Lebedev and blends traditional northern iconography with modern structural design techniques.

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Olio de Castilla by Verónica Jarquín

Packaging created by designer Verónica Jarquín for extra virgin olive oil brand Olio de Castilla

Olio de Castilla is an extra virgin olive oil branded and packaged by designer Verónica Jarquín from El Salvador. The copper foil treatment to the glass bottle gives it a rustic sensibility and emphasises the warm climate. The illustrations and typography have an organic and hand drawn aesthetic delivering a regional and almost traditional character that compliments the tones of the foil.

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