The Playlist Co. by Blok, Canada

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and cards for Toronto based custom event soundtrack business The Playlist Co. by graphic design studio Blok

The Playlist Co. is a Canadian business providing music management and consulting services, AV construction, live music and playlists for a wide range of spaces and events, nationally and internationally. They are renowned for their encyclopaedic knowledge of music, and have collaborated with a some of Canada’s top hospitality brands, as well as local bars such as Buca, Canoe and Bar Raval.

The Playlist Co. worked with Toronto based graphic design studio Blok to develop a new brand identity that would work across a variety of touch points. These included business cards, posters, stickers and a soon to launch website, linked by a concept described by Blok as having a musicality that mimics the company’s highly curated playlists.

This concept manifests itself subtly in the typesetting of the wordmark and in the blocks of colour, inspired by jazz and soul album covers of the past. These blocks are given subtle shifts in tonality and hue as a way to express the power of music, and its ability to transform space and influence emotion.

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LeMise by DIA, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and pastel coloured paper and coper block foil business cards for Brooklyn based art and design advisory business LeMise by DIA

LeMise is a Brooklyn based art and design advisory business, established by Andi Potamkin, described as being guided by the concept of mise­-en­-scene. LeMise considers the environment as a whole and works with its clients to bring together works of art and design, drawn from a vast network of designers and artists, to enhance space.

New York graphic design studio DIA worked with Andi to develop a visual identity for LeMise. This embodies Andi’s personality and eclectic taste, and expressed through characterful type, a warm and current colour palette of pastels and copper, a monogram and framing device across business cards, stationery and website.

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Art Museum by Underline Studio, Canada

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branding for Art Museum by Underline Studio

Art Museum unites the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery and the University of Toronto Art Centre as one new institution dedicated to exhibition and education. It is one of the largest gallery spaces for the visual arts in Toronto and is housed within an iconic gothic-style building.

The museum worked with Canadian graphic design studio Underline to develop a new visual identity system that would emphasise its placement within the city, and engage both the university community and the Toronto public. This links, through type, layout and multi-colour, a variety of print communications that included brochures, programs, posters, signage and website.

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