andSons Chocolatiers by Base Design

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Logotype, branding and packaging by Base design for LA based chocolatier AndSons

andSons is a second generation chocolatier and retailer run by Marc and Phil Covitz, two brothers who learned everything there is to know about fine chocolate from their mother. Seeking to offer something new to the world of artisanal chocolate, driven forward by Top 10 Pastry Chef Kriss Harvey who joins the brothers, andSons thrashes out a liminal space between their traditional European heritage and the contemporary creativity of Los Angeles where they are located. With this positioning in mind andSons commissioned Base Design to create an iconic graphic identity and packaging design that would capture the spirit of innovation founded on tradition that was refined and luxurious whilst also being playful and surprising. These intentions are woven together and expressed by way of a simple but elegant logotype, bold colourful forms set against white space, and using colourful foils in conjunction with interchangeable sleeves.

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St. ERHARD by Bedow, Sweden

Opinion by Richard Baird

New label design by Swedish studio for three distinct beers from German brewery St Erhard

With a desire to stand out, and in response to the extensive saturation of heritage-related visual cues throughout the German beer market, brewery St. ERHARD worked outside of the country with Swedish studio Bedow to develop a modern graphic identity for three of its brews. Farmer, Mayflower and Saison are premium beers, each of which are crafted, brewed and bottled by St. Erhard in the Bamberg area of Northern Bavaria.

Bedow’s work is characterised by a strong use of contrast, a graphic simplicity and immediacy. This can be seen in the meeting of curvy traditional structure and rectilinear labelling, in the mix of black ink, white substrate and colourful foiling, in the reductive typographical form of the range and the more conventional logotype of St. ERHARD, and finally, the systematic nature of the collection yet the irregularity and playful character of each label.

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Earls.67 by Glasfurd & Walker, Canada

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and gift card with gold block foil print finish by Glasfurd & Walker for US and Canadian restaurant chain prototype Earls.67

Earls is a family-owned premium but casual restaurant chain with 66 locations throughout Canada and the United States and a thirty year history. The hospitality sector has seen a lot of change in this time. It continues to be highly competitive and often demands innovation and adaptability to remain relevant. With this in mind, Earls commissioned Canadian graphic design studio Glasfurd & Walker and interior design studio Ste Marie to reimagine the Earls brand as a one-off canteen and bar. Earls.67 is the result of this collaboration.

Earls.67 is a prototype, located at Bankers Hall in downtown Calgary, developed to test collaborations and new ideas. It is inspired by Earls 30 year history of burgers and bustling bars, food with an international twist, experimentation, energy and a focus on customer service. This is reflected in its menu, interior design and throughout a brand identity design that draws on Earls’ heritage and, in the words of Glasfurd & Walker, refocuses this through a contemporary lens. Brand identity runs across a variety of assets, these include, but are not limited to, logo and logotype, menus, interior graphics, business cards, wallpaper, gift cards, growlers and napkins.

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