John Lewis Spectrum designed by Pentagram

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Packaging design by Pentagram for John Lewis' consumer electronics range Spectrum

Spectrum is a recently redesigned consumer electronics range created by and sold through British department store John Lewis. The range includes DAB radios, alarm clocks, speakers and iPad covers. These are bound by a cohesive aesthetic of soft plastic, geometric forms, bright colours and a packaging treatment created by international design studio Pentagram, led by partner Harry Pearce.

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Daebeté Scented Tea designed by Victor Design

Tea packaging design with gold foil print finish by Victor Design for Daebeté

Daebeté is a floral infused tea range that uses a high-grade Taiwanese oolong variety, made using a unique process of withering, oxidation, curling and twisting, that has then been given a floral hint using ancient baking methods. This process creates a subtle yet sweet flavour profile that carefully balances the aroma of flowers with the flavour of tea. The packaging for the Daebeté range, developed by Victor Design, was inspired by the natural beauty and ecology of the flower growing regions of each infusion, conveys the craft of production, the tradition of tea preparation, quality and delicate flavour, through a good combination of illustration, typography, print finish and structural choice.

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