Globetouch by Bunch, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and business cards for global mobile communications platform Globetouch by graphic designs studio Bunch

Globetouch is a UK communications business and platform owned by operators and providing a wide range of mobile devices with access to a global and cloud-based ecosystem through an extensive network of offices and data centres.

This extensive network and global reach is expressed throughout Globetouch’s brand identity, created by Bunch, using a modern pared-down colour palette inspired by migratory birds, a G that matches the tilt of the earth, patterns that draw on binary code, and a photographic library that touches upon exploration, travel and data.

These assets connect a variety of print and digital communications including, but certainly not limited to, brand guidelines, business cards, stationery, brochures, packaging and website.

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Latin American Design Festival ’16 by IS Creative Studio, Peru

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branding for Latin American Design Festival 2016 by IS Creative Studio

The Latin American Design Festival is an organisation that promotes Latin American Design internationally and looks to highlight the social potential of design using lectures, workshops, exhibitions and complementary activities. This year’s festival, as with previous events, took place in the Peruvian city of Lima, with guest speaks that included Stefan Sagmeister, Yuko Shimizu and Stockholm Design Lab.

IS Creative Studio, who worked on LADFest’s 2015 visual identity, continue to collaborate with the festival, delivering a system that, in contrast to last year’s grids and neon inks, favours moments of irregularity, fewer colours, the flourish of a metallic gold and the urban and utilitarian qualities of spray paint and stencil cut type. This extends across a variety of print communication that included posters, lanyards, programmes, flyers, presentation graphics and signage.

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LeMise by DIA, United States

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity and pastel coloured paper and coper block foil business cards for Brooklyn based art and design advisory business LeMise by DIA

LeMise is a Brooklyn based art and design advisory business, established by Andi Potamkin, described as being guided by the concept of mise­-en­-scene. LeMise considers the environment as a whole and works with its clients to bring together works of art and design, drawn from a vast network of designers and artists, to enhance space.

New York graphic design studio DIA worked with Andi to develop a visual identity for LeMise. This embodies Andi’s personality and eclectic taste, and expressed through characterful type, a warm and current colour palette of pastels and copper, a monogram and framing device across business cards, stationery and website.

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