Doce Cielos designed by Anagrama

Packaging for traditional crafted honey brand Doce Cielo designed by Anagrama

Doce Cielos is a traditional handcrafted Mexican honey brand with a mission ‘to encourage the recognition and consumption of native apiculture products’ and emphasise their ‘richness in flavor, texture, color and benefits to personal health’.

The brand’s visual identity and packaging solution, developed by independent design agency Anagrama, is an unusual craft and corporate juxtaposition delivered through a well spaced but fairly neutral sans-serif logo-type, the scientific numbering of products, plenty of space alongside the very fine hand sketched bee and a raised illustrative detail that avoids the hexagonal design tropes in favour of a honey drop loop – drawing together region and product – running across the circumference of the jars.

It is a direction that while incredibly restrained in its typographical approach manages to not only balance an almost clinical consistency and high quality with a sense of handcraft and local industry but also offers an originality and conceptual richness to a visually stagnant product sector.

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Smith-Wykes designed by Studio Small

Logo for London and Paris-based male fashion brand Smith-Wykes designed by Studio Small

Smith-Wykes is a London and Paris-based male fashion brand driven by the values of ‘creative independence’ ‘generosity of spirit’ and the ‘celebration of character.’ The brand’s visual identity, a combination of simple a san serif logo-type, a reductionist twist on the classic and often highly illustrated crest and a deep blind emboss – created by Studio Small – puts a contemporary and practical spin on traditional values and visuals alongside subtle craft cues.

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Crosskey designed by Kurppa Hosk

Logo and stationery for banking systems and solutions firm Crosskey designed by Kurppa Hosk

Crosskey is a Finnish company that develops and maintains systems and solutions for the Nordic banking sector and capital markets, making it ‘easier and more profitable for its customers to operate their banks’. Based around the idea “Banking Power!” design agency Kurppa Hosk developed a visual identity solution, which mixes a simple corporate typeface, iconic mark and an economical colour palette, to position Crosskey as an international, modern and powerful IT-company while also reflecting its ambitions to become more competitive not only in Scandinavia but also across the rest of Europe.

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