Wadha by Two Times Elliott, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branding for Doha based fashion brand Wadha by Two Times Elliott, United Kingdom

Wadha is a Islamic fashion brand for women, established in 2010 in the city of Doha, Qatar, by Wadha Al Hajri. Garments by Wadha are characterised by unique fabrics and cuts, contemporary, clean and slightly irregular shapes, and single colour. This aesthetic is reflected throughout Wadha’s brand identity, designed by British graphic design studio Two Times Elliott, not only in typographic form and a solid colour palette but also in material choice, print finish and structure. This links assets such as notecards, bags, tags and business cards.

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Taidehalli designed by Tsto

Logo and blue board business cards designed by Tsto for Finnish contemporary art gallery Taidehalli

Taidehalli is an art gallery, also know as Helsinki Kunsthalle, with a significant 86-year history. It is set within the walls of a distinctive building created by Jarl Eklund and Hilding Ekelund, and during its lengthy residency has secured its place as a key space within Finland for the exhibition of contemporary artworks.

Taidehalli’s new brand identity, recently redesigned by Helsinki and New York based design studio Tsto, uses the architectural exterior and interior detail of the building to inform type, colour and a variety of shape, and effectively leverages artwork samples and print finish to communicate some of its heritage, contemporary remit and commitment to continual development.

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Shaun Ford & Co. designed by Savvy

Logotype and business card with block foil detail designed by Savvy for bespoke furniture design firm Shaun Ford & Co.

Shaun Ford & Co. is a Canadian bespoke furniture an interiors business that creates tailored environments for the sophisticated, style conscious consumer, and whose work revolves around a timeless approach to space. Each piece of furniture is designed with careful consideration given to the years that it will have to coexist within a particular environment and with the intention that each acquires further value over time. These ideas informed the development of its new brand identity, designed by Savvy, and visualised through type, material, layout and print finish.

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