Fosnavåg Konserthus by Heydays, Norway

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Animated logo for Fosnavaag Cultural Centre designed by Heydays

Fosnavåg is a city on the island of Bergsøya, situated off the west coast of Norway not far from the Altantic Ocean. It is home to a variety of maritime businesses including fishing, logistics and shipbuilding, and now the location of Fosnavaag Cultural Centre, a new concert hall founded by the local community.

Fosnavaag Cultural Centre’s brand identity, created by Scandinavian graphic design studio Heydays, explores the relationship between Fosnavåg and the Atlantic Ocean—the foundation of local industry and culture, the point at which old weathered buildings meet a precise and contemporary structure, technology and innovation, and the convergence of sea and music. This was visualised as an identity system that included dynamic animated logo and interactive signage, illuminated interior displays, t-shirts, badges and business cards.

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