Gras & Groves-Raines Architects by Graphical House

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Gold foiled business cards for Edinburgh based Gras and Groves-Raines Architects designed by Graphical House

Gras and Groves-Raines Architects are Edinburgh-based architecture practices, and two branches of the same organisation. Gras explores experimental routes and works within commercial, public and private developments as well as exhibitions, while Groves-Raines Architects takes a more traditional approach, specialising in the conservation and restoration of existing buildings. Although their fields of expertise differ, both are bound by the shared values of a high quality holistic approach from design through to execution, and favour craftsmanship and fine detail. These values informed the development of a new cohesive brand identity for both practices, managed by design studio Graphical House, and which included logotypes, stationery, business cards and brand guidelines.

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