Héctor Ayuso by Mucho, Spain

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branding for OFFF Festival founder and director Héctor Ayuso by graphic design studio Mucho

Héctor Ayuso is the founder and director of renowned festival OFFF, a celebration of creative process that takes place each year in the Spanish city of Barcelona. Héctor recently looked to graphic design studio Mucho to help define and express who he is and how he works through a new visual identity. This extends across business cards, postcards and moodbook, and features loose hand drawn type, diverse imagery, material texture and craft finishes.

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Loot designed by Savvy

Logotype, stationery and print designed by Savvy for Mexican surf and lifestyle store Loot. Featured on bpando.org

Loot is a surf and lifestyle store retailing distinctive products for a modern and global consumer and offers an alternative to the more commercial items from retailers typically found in its touristic location in the Mexican city of Zihuatanejo. Loot’s brand identity, designed by Savvy, draws its character and distinction from Zihuatanejo’s past as a hotspot for pirates, and visualised as a combination of regional historical elements and modern pop culture, allowing it to be relevant to both the local community and international shoppers.

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