Old Spike Coffee by Commission Studio, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird

Coffee Branding and Packaging Design – Old Spike Coffee by Commission Studio, United Kingdom

Old Spike is a coffee roastery, subscription service and wholesaler, cafe and social enterprise working with the homeless, located in South East London. It is situated on the site of a former workhouse, a place where the poor would break rocks over metal spikes for food and lodgings, and where the roaster gets its name. With a desire to separate the roastery’s commercial and social activities Commission Studio worked to develop a retail and subscription packaging design that avoided the conventions of the market, and worked together a sense of the artisanal and wholesome and the eye-catching and luxury.

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Croft Knitwear by Commission, United Kindom

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Visual identity and black block foil tags by Commission for Croft Knitwear

Croft is a contemporary men’s knitwear brand that specialises in high quality cashmere and soft wool garments. These are available exclusively through online retailer Superdemin. Each garment is hand knitted on Scotland’s Shetland Islands by crofters, a name given to those using traditional batch production processes within small communities unique to the Highlands. Alongside a new logo, London-based design studio Commission worked with photographer Luke Evans to create a range of campaign imagery that would avoid heritage pastiche, and instead, favour a contemporary simplicity.

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