Tidningshuset by Pontus by Bold, Sweden

playOpinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity, print and packaging for Stockholm lunch restaurant Tidningshuset by Pontus by Bold, Sweden

Tidningshuset by Pontus is a 1000 m2 lunch restaurant, deli and bakery committed to sustainability, simplicity and quality, and was developed by famous Swedish chef and restauranteur Pontus Frithiof with the intention of challenging industry conventions.

The restaurant is on the ground floor of a building owned by Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s largest daily newspaper, which is situated in the newspaper district of Stockholm. Inspired by this unique location, Scandinavian graphic design studio Bold created a visual identity for Tidningshuset by Pontus that references the traditional mastheads and contemporary headlines of the newspaper industry. This is visualised through type contrast, a single ink print finish and dramatic signage.

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Have A Great Day Films by Hey, Spain

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand Identity and business cards for Have A Great Day Films by Hey

Have A Great Day Films is the production company of French filmmaker Jérôme de Gerlache. Jérôme is said to have a taste for professional risk-taking and a distinct way of making short films, advertisements and TV comedies. Barcelona based graphic design studio Hey recently worked with Have A Great Day Films to develop a brand identity that would reflect Jérôme’s personality, convey a message of positivity, was sensitive to past experience and influences, but also looked towards the future. The project went on to include custom typography, title formatting and business cards.

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Faymus by Studio Brave, Australia

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branding and animated logotype for Faymus by Studio Brave, Australia

Faymus is a Melbourne based property developer committed to building intelligent and sustainable spaces and ecosystems for tomorrow’s living in a way that is sensitive to the heritage and diversity of local communities. Property developed by Faymus is rooted in a philosophy that anticipates rather than follows change, interlinks tradition and innovation, and, working collaboratively with affiliated professionals, covers planning, build and interior design.

This philosophy and the extent of Faymus’ projects is communicated across their new brand identity, created by Australian graphic design Studio Brave, through a contrast of type, colour and image, and extending across duplex business cards and website. This was developed by Studio Brave alongside campaign work for other Faymus projects, one of which was The Hugo, also featured on BP&O.

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