Tingz designed by B&B Studio

Packaging designed by B&B Studio for Peppersmith's sugar-free sweet range Tingz

Launched by natural chewing gum brand PeppersmithTingz is a new, two flavour confectionary range that uses Xylitol, a natural wood sugar, to add plaque reducing properties to the sweets. Developed by London-based B&B Studio the packaging for Tingz builds on the quirky personality of the Peppersmith brand by illustrating two wide-mouthed characters, a contrasting white and bright colour palette and subtle texture to establish a healthy but flavourful quality that reflects the natural, dental improving proposition of the sweets.

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July’s Top 5 Projects 2012

July's Top 5 Projects 2012

These are the five projects I reviewed during July that I felt really stood out and wanted to give them another opportunity to be seen and discussed. I have ordered these from five to one with my favourite project presented last. Do you agree with my choices?

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Patchett’s designed by Designers Anonymous

Packaging for gourmet confectioner Patchett's marshmallow range created by Designers Anonymous

Patchett’s is a UK gourmet confectioner that specialises in the creation of natural, handmade and batch produced sweets. The brand’s visual identity and packaging for their first range, a selection of uniquely flavoured marshmallows, was created by London-based agency Designers Anonymous and utilises a pale colour palette, soft geometric shapes and classic typographical cues to capture the artisan and craft based nature of the brand and the light but natural flavour profiles of the marshmallows.

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