Netsurvey by The Studio, Sweden

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branding for Stockholm based Netsurvey by The Studio

Netsurvey provides organisations with employee and customer relation evaluation services using a precise, individualised and proprietary set of tools, and then helps to implement change with the intention of enhancing employee engagement, strengthening leadership and improving employer branding. Netsurvey works across a variety of sectors, for both small and large businesses and has grown to become one of Sweden’s leading consultants within the industry.

In response to what was felt to be an increasingly dated visual identity, one that failed to convey the warmth, engagement and innovative spirit that characterises the company, Netsurvey commissioned Stockholm based graphic design agency The Studio to create a new system that would communicate these key qualities but also their position as industry leaders through differentiation. This was achieved using a bright colour palette, custom typography, monolinear iconography and personable photography, and included business cards, stationery, print communication, tote bags, pens, and website.

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BP&O Collections — Custom Typography

Selected by Richard Baird.

  The Best of BP&O — Custom Typography

A collection of custom typography designed as part of a new brand identity project, reviewed and published on BP&O. Between them, these highlight how sans-serif reduction and serif flourish, and significant character or nuance can contribute to a distinctive and communicative brand identity. This selection includes inline, monolinear, extended, condensed, calligraphic, brush drawn and metal type-inspired examples, and features the graphic design studios Lundgren+Lindqvist, Designers Anonymous, Shore and Bunch, amongst many others.

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EDL Laminates by Bravo, Singapore

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branding for high pressure laminate distributor EDL by graphic design studio Bravo.

Working with manufacturers in Italy, Korea and Taiwan EDL provides high pressure laminates for architects and interior designers throughout Asia, and is dedicated to anticipating trends, adopting the latest technologies and introducing its own break-through innovations that amome from a decade of industry experience.

To coincide with EDL’s tenth anniversary, and a push further into the international market, the company worked with Singapore and New York based graphic design studio Bravo to help reimagine its visual identity. This included logo design, business cards, magazine cover, brochure and website that position EDL as curators of high-quality raw materials to artists through brightly coloured geometric patterns, silver block foil detail, material texture, and a paper craft component. This article was updated 09/16 with images of EDL’s 2016 brochure.

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