Monkey Pick by Coba&Associates

Packaging design by Coba Associates for gourmet tea range Monkey Pick

Belgrade based design agency Coba & Associates have recently created the visual identity and packaging solution for Monkey Pick, a new range of gourmet teas produced from leaves, fruit and berries collected by trained monkeys from hard to reach places. Coba’s design solution is an interesting contrast of a modern and conventional high gloss plastic and the more traditional craft-based aesthetic of a card structural design, patterns, fine line work, deep tones and a gold spot colour alongside a simple, well spaced typographic mix of a personal (and quality assured) script signature, classic serif and contemporary sans serif.

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Rakia Bar Preserves by Coba & Associates

Packaging with a typographic approach designed by Coba & Associates for preserve range created by Belgrade-based bar Rakia.

Independent design agency Coba & Associates were recently commissioned to develop the packaging for a new range of preserves created by Rakia, a bar located in the centre of Belgrade that offers a mix of local and exclusive coffees, spirits and snacks, which has grown to include a gift-shop selling a variety of high quality, traditional own brand ranges. Continue reading this article