Kristin Jarmund Architects by Snøhetta, Norway

Opinion by Richard Baird

Visual identity designed by Snøhetta for Oslo-based Kristin Jarmund Architects.

Kristin Jarmund Architects is an oslo-based architectural studio with a design philosophy that is focused on using a simplicity of form and a clarity of purpose to address complex problems, while at the same time, allowing for a contextual and human sensitivity. Reduction, as well as the duality inherent to the studio’s work, was the founding principles of their new visual identity, created by Scandinavian studio Snøhetta. This can be seen in the juxtaposition of type and image, and the recurring motif of extracts within both of these.

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Faust by Snøhetta, Norway

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Brand identity, stationery and custom typeface by Snøhetta for Oslo-based high-end shoemaker Faust

Faust is a high-end shoemaker with its first signature store located in Oslo’s Barcode area. The shop is a small but impressive space consisting of five concrete niches and large carved wooden doors. Faust worked with Scandinavian studio Snøhetta to create both interior and brand identity. This was based around the The legend of Faust from the Renaissance, its basis for many literary, artistic, cinematic and musical works through the ages, and Faust as an ambitious person who surrenders moral integrity in order to achieve power and success. These served as historical reference points, taking a look back at a period where all shoes were handmade and bespoke. This then informed the calligraphic strokes of signage, wordmark and custom typography, is seen in the materiality of identity across stationery, business cards and packaging, and in the wood and vaulted forms of interior design.

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Edvard Munch High School by Snøhetta, Norway

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Branding for Edvard Munch High School by Oslo based graphic design studio Snøhetta

Edvard Munch High School provides students with a broad programme of study, with a particular focus on creative classes such as music, dance, product design and textiles, in conjunction with core academic subjects. Classes are given in a newly refurbished, early 20th century building, and the former home of the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

To coincide with the refurbishment, the school also launched a new brand identity system, created by Norwegian graphic design studio Snøhetta, and based around theme of duality and the concept perspectives, a reflection of the school’s academic and creative programme, versatility and knowledge. This extended to posters, business card, brochure, tote bag and signage, some of which feature a folded, three-dimensional, interactive component.

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