Simon Pengelly by Spin, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Business cards for British furniture and product design business Simon Pengelly by Spin

Pengelly Design is a British furniture and product design studio, founded by Simon Pengelly in 1993, that embraces a material and process led approach to problem-solving, and an aesthetic that has a lightness, simplicity and timelessness. Since its foundation, the studio has gone on to secure and complete a variety of national and international furniture, transport and product design projects in collaboration with businesses and manufacturers such as Lapalma, Habitat and Modus, Virgin Atlantic and Joseph Joseph.

Simon Pengelly’s new graphic identity, created by UK based graphic design studio Spin and based around a symbol of vertical and consistently weighted strokes, draws its inspiration from the profile of one of Simon’s chairs, constructed from plywood, and set within the context of an earthy, urban and vivid colour palette of brown, grey and bright orange boards. The project included stationery, box tape, business cards and website design.

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Sim Smith Gallery designed by Spin

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Logo designed by Spin for British contemporary art gallery Sim Smith

Sim Smith is contemporary art gallery that specialises in the representation of emerging British artists. The gallery, having established relationships with curators and collectors, complements its exhibitions with artistic projects developed in collaboration with design studios, arts and cultural festivals, as well as charities, national institutions and global retail brands. The gallery’s brand identity, designed by Spin, takes the open white spaces and black inks often associated with those of contemporary galleries and inverts it. This then links a variety of assets that include business cards, tote bags, programme and bookmarks.

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Matthew Hilton Watch designed by Spin

Watch packaging design by Spin for furniture designer Matthew Hilton

Matthew Hilton is a designer working with De La Espada to bring together craftsmanship, premium materials and advanced manufacturing technologies to produce high quality furniture. Spin, the agency responsible for developing Matthew Hilton’s brand identity, have recently completed the packaging of his first time piece as well as the print for the launch event.

Spin’s juxtaposition of low-fi corrugated card, mechanical stamp and efficient sans-serif typography alongside the current favour for bright dyed board, foil and edge painted detail, the technicality of the illustration’s fine line weights and the contemporary geometric build of the monogram, all set set over the organic lines of a crafted wooden box, delivers high contrast and communicative impact that feels like a solid reflection of the basic functionality of a time piece and the balance between high quality craftsmanship and machined precision.

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