Vocation Brewery Limited Edition by Robot Food, UK

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Package design for Vocation Brewery's Limited Edition Christmas Stout by graphic design studio Robot Food, United Kingdom

Vocation is a UK microbrewery, established and run by John Hickling, with a range of craft beers described as having distinctive and punchy flavour profiles. Communicating the brewery’s unique personality and the crafted quality of its range rested in the hands of UK based graphic design studio Robot Food.

Drawing on the beer’s tropical, fruity, floral and hoppy characteristics, the brewery’s fearless, daring and renegade attitude, and the art of beer craft, the studio created a brand identity and label design that juxtaposes bold and robust typography alongside fine, fluid and hand drawn illustration.

To celebrate the holiday season, Robot Food and Vocation Brewery continue to collaborate, this time with a festive release in the run up to Christmas. Naughty & Nice is a single batch chocolate stout, dreamt up by the studio, created by the brewers at Vocation, and limited to 1323 bottles. It draws on the naming conventions, aesthetic qualities and design process of Vocation’s core range, and the shared challenger attitude that unites studio and brewer, but with a couple of seasonal twists.

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Vocation Brewery by Robot Food, United Kingdom

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Illustrated packaging design by Robot Food for British craft beer brewery Vocation.

Vocation is a UK microbrewery, established and run by John Hickling, with a range of craft beers that have distinctive and punchy flavour profiles, and a visual identity, packaging design and naming convention created by Leeds-based studio Robot Food. This draws on the tropical, fruity, floral and hoppy characteristic of the range, and the brewery’s fearless, daring and renegade attitude.

This post was updated March 2017 to include Vocation’s latest release, a range of craft lagers that acknowledge the increasing interest in the subtle complexities of pilsner. Robot Food drop the detailed illustration and dark backgrounds in favour of a lighter and brighter approach with the intention of expressing the crisp and fresh qualities of these new varieties whilst working in an alternative take on the brewery’s renegade attitude.

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