MidNight Cocktails designed by Mucho

 Packaging and branding with traditional etched illustrative detail for MidNight drinks cocktail boxes designed by Mucho

MidNight is an “innovative” range of cocktail boxes that intend to “revolutionize the way people create cocktails both in bars and at home”. Design studio Mucho were commissioned to develop packaging and brand identity for MidNight that would “retain the tradition and elegance of cocktail making” whilst reflecting the new method of storing and serving. Based on the geometric reinterpretation of the ‘M’ and the ‘N’ Mucho created a graphic system of triangles. This mixes classic fruit engravings with bright colour to generate a kaleidoscopic visual language that weaves together a sense of traditional craft and quality, and an exciting and modern cocktail making experience.

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Wilsons designed by MyttonWilliams

Logo design by MyttonWilliams for legal advice firm Wilsons

Wilsons is a UK-based firm that delivers ‘individual and expert’ law services to the corporate, charity, agricultural and private sectors. Their visual identity, developed by design and strategy studio MyttonWilliams, juxtaposes the simplicity and reductionist qualities of a two-stroke W monogram, the formality and subtle technological sensibilities of a sans serif logo-type set in what looks like FS Lola, alongside the organic and humanist etched illustrative landscapes to convey an honest yet professional legal service delivered with a personal care and a customised approach.

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Kozel Limited Ed. by Yurko Gutsulyak

Packaging with heat treated wood effect designed by Yurko Gutsulyak for Czech brewer Velkopopovický Kozel

Czech brewer Velkopopovický Kozel have recently launched a limited edition packaging solution for their tinned light beer. Created by Ukraine-based studio Yurko Gutsulyak, the design unites regional and national illustrative detail across a wood print and light tissue wrap neatly conveying tradition, craft, heritage and provenance in a unique and distinctive way.

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