Fruitilyzer DIY Kit designed by Resort

Packaging with fluorescent spot colours designed by Resort for fruit and vegetable based electronic music making kit Fruitilyzer

The Fruitilyzer is an ‘electronic-organic’ music making kit that utilises the electrical energy stored within fruit and vegetables to create an instrument. The kit was developed by Tim & Puma Mimi, a “quirky electro duo from Zurich and Tokyo” who have played live shows around the globe using an electrified cucumber.

Designed by Swiss studio Resort, the Fruitilyzer’s packaging unapologetically utilises the very obvious combination of bright fluorescent spot colour, digital and lightening inspired type and an amusing and well illustrated shocked cucumber illustration to reflect the oddity of the instrument and recognises its playful, creative but limited nature. The iconography adds a contemporary single line weight technicality to the reverse making the front, which could be perceived as perhaps a little retro-cheap, appear all the more considered and intentional.

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The Fableists designed by Freytag Anderson

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Logo and uncoated, unbleached stationery with fluorescent green ink print finish for children's fashion brand The Fableists designed by Freytag Anderson featured on BPO

The Fableists is a children’s clothing company that creates quality basics, predominantly unisex, designed to last with ‘punk rock flair’ and utilitarian, vintage clothing and work wear influence. Their products are underpinned by a sustainable brand philosophy that pays and treats their suppliers fairly, considers its impact on the environment and aims to educate buyers on the complete life cycle of their collections.

Design agency Freytag Anderson developed a new brand identity for the Fabelists which extended to business cards, tags and stationery. This draws together and communicates the brand’s flair, the clothing’s utility and the reduced environmental impact of production through a simple and precise communicative combination of a bright contemporary fluorescent green and the energy of a lightning F motif, the consistency, efficiency and reliability of an uppercase sans-serif, the textures and mixed tones of three different unbleached, uncoated material choices, and the economy of single and two ink print production.

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Bau Building Materials designed by Mousegraphics

Packaging with bold tetrimino detail created by Mousegraphics for Bau Building Materials

Bau recently commissioned Greek multidisciplinary design agency Mousegraphics to develop a new packaging solution for their building material range that would convey construction in a simple, modern, distinctive way to both professionals and hobbyists. Taking inspiration from the video game Tetris, Mousegraphics created a striking packaging solution that utilises the iconic four block form of Tetriminos and a distinctive fluorescent ink print treatment to neatly resolve the themes of individual creativity and commercial construction in a contemporary way.

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