Seafood Kitchen designed by Co Partnership

Packaging design by Co Partnership for Seafood Kitchen

In response to an increasing consumer interest in seafood, the owners of Gourmet Blends, an accompaniment to meat, fish and vegetable dishes, “saw an opportunity to take ownership of a market category” and commissioned Sydney-based design agency Co Partnership, who renamed and repositioned the brand as Seafood Kitchen, to develop a new visual identity and packaging solution.

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Olive & Sesame Oil designed by Lo Siento

Packaging with condensed sans-serif typography and gold tin for Olive & Sesame Oil designed by Lo Siento

Design agency Lo Siento have recently completed their packaging design work for Spanish olive oil producer Olis Bargalló‘s new Olive & Sesame variety.

Lo Siento’s use of condensed sans-serif typography, stacked vertically, and printed with a single black ink makes great use of the tall tin and its warm gold colour.

Typography, structural choice and straightforward language share a similar commercial kitchen utility and simplicity that suitably reflects Olis Bargalló’s relationship with professionals in gastronomy and commercial kitchens while the serif of the 18 and lighter sans-serif weights set horizontally offer contrast and temper the bold typography with a little detail. Although made up of few elements the solution effectively combines structure, colour and  typography in a way that appears bold and distinctive.

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Cuckoo Muesli designed by B&B Studio

Packaging designed by B&B Studio for Cuckoo's wheat-free bircher muesli range

Cuckoo is a ‘modern’ wheat-free bircher muesli range that blends oats, yoghurt and fruit. Individual flavours include ‘Choco Sour Cherry with a smooth layer of Madagascan Vanilla’, Mango & Coconut with a tropical twist of Lime and Ginger’ and ‘Elderflower & Cranberry with a Blueberry & Blackcurrant compote’. London-based design agency B&B Studio, inspired by Swiss graphic posters, developed a new packaging treatment for Cuckoo that contrasts a bold geometric logo-type with the bright organic qualities of photography.

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