Luna Burger designed by Slagle Design

Packaging with illustrative detail for organic veggie and vegan burger range Luna Burger created by Slagle Design

Luna Burger is US company producing vegan and veggie burgers using locally-sourced organic ingredients which are then sold from the freezer section of grocery and whole food stores as well as local cafes and restaurants. With the client specifying a plant based direction, Jeremy Slagle of Slagle Design developed a new visual identity and packaging treatment that contrasts an uncoated and unbleached material choice with a bright white sleeve that enhances the bright but natural colour and fine texture of the illustrative work.

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Salvatierra designed by Anagrama

Packaging designed by Anagrama for Latin American premium goods exporter Salvatierra

Salvatierra specialises in the production and exportation of Latin American organic premium goods such as coffees and cookings oils to South Korea. The packaging for these ranges, developed by Anagrama, is an unusual mix of utility, provence and quality delivered through the typographic economy of a single condensed uppercase sans-serif, the use of plenty of unprinted space, flags, a contemporary mono-line weight logo, the flourish of neon coloured papers and the perceived luxury of a small gold foil detail.

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Desi Cooks designed by Designers Anonymous

Desi Cooks packaging by Designers Anonymous

Desi Cooks is described by Designers Anonymous – the studio behind their new brand strategy, logo and packaging – as a “kitchen-table start-up enterprise” that batch produce original recipes for the prepared Asian food market. The studio was tasked with taking the brand name ‘Desi Cooks’, a “homely, traditional term for the people, cultures, and products of India”, and developing a packaging solution that communicated traditional authenticity and modern-day convenience.

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