Victor Martinez designed by Face

Logo and business card designed by Face for architect and studio founder Victor Martinez

Victor Martinez is a MX based architect and studio founder described by client Carlos Caballero as having a ‘great sensitivity to aesthetic balance’, ‘spatial intelligence’ and believes that ‘function rules over all things’. Supermodernist design bureau Face recently developed a new visual identity for the studio which combines a structural monogram, a personal and practical hand-stamped print treatment and the raw tactile and architectural textures of an uncoated substrate choice.

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Delikatess Chips designed by Silver

Packaging with tinted brick wall photographic detail designed by Silver for Swedish retailer ICA's new four flavour snack range Delikatess Chips

As part of a wider, multi-product rebrand and packaging exercise, Stockholm-based design agency Silver developed the name, visual identity and pack solution for Delikatess Chips, a new four flavour, own brand range of crisps from Swedish retailer ICA, one of Northern Europe’s leading retail companies.

Based around the organic and geometric juxtaposition of a weathered brickwall and poster concept, featuring tall heavy type, a limited colour palette and simple line detail, the design manages to communicate a sense of hearty flavour and decent crunch with a slightly rustic, traditional and down-to-earth undertone. A contemporary and high quality matt varnish follows the current gourmet snack trend alongside a more conventional series of tints which reinforce flavour from a distance. The typesetting is not perfect but the tall character choice is stacked well and deliver a vertical contrast to the horizontal movement of the bricks.

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Melbourne Theatre Company by Interbrand

Logo developed by Interbrand under the theme of 'new light' for Melbourne Theatre Company

Design agency Interbrand have recently updated their visual identity work created for the Melbourne Theatre Company in time for its 2013 season.

Based on the ‘matrix of intersecting, wireframe boxes’ that surround the theatre’s architectural structure, the original identity drew on the ‘heritage of theatre, while alluding to the contemporary nature of the performances’ with a proprietary typeface that mixes slim and broad, humanist, and geometric characters with sharp junctions and terminals, stencil cut detail, dual lines and a fluorescent tube finish. This has now been expanded on under the theme of ‘new light’ with a direction that allows the typography to play an integral role in illuminating theatrical scenes through some really well shot scenes executed across the collaterals. The result is a clear juxtaposition of light and shade that delivers a strong sense of space and dramatic performance.

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