Buffalo Systems designed by The Consult

Logo designed by The Consult for outdoor clothing brand Buffalo Systems

Buffalo Systems is a outdoor clothing brand established by mountaineer Hamish Hamilton that has, over its 30 year history, developed a reputation for creating ‘exceptionally effective and durable outdoor clothing’. Design agency The Consult was recently involved in fine tuning Buffalo System’s brand positioning, delivering a revised and much improved visual identity (alongside new photography) consistently executed across swing tags, campaign materials, point-of-sale and a new website.

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Monkey Pick by Coba&Associates

Packaging design by Coba Associates for gourmet tea range Monkey Pick

Belgrade based design agency Coba & Associates have recently created the visual identity and packaging solution for Monkey Pick, a new range of gourmet teas produced from leaves, fruit and berries collected by trained monkeys from hard to reach places. Coba’s design solution is an interesting contrast of a modern and conventional high gloss plastic and the more traditional craft-based aesthetic of a card structural design, patterns, fine line work, deep tones and a gold spot colour alongside a simple, well spaced typographic mix of a personal (and quality assured) script signature, classic serif and contemporary sans serif.

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Atelier AF designed by Blok

Atelier af - Logo and branding created by Blok

Atelier af is an international art consultancy and publishing firm based in Mexico City. This month the company launched a new visual identity based around an unusual and unique double monogram, created by independent and multidisciplinary design agency Blok, that fuses and contrasts forms that convey classic artistic ideals such as emotion, individuality and expression and the modernistic themes of systems, pragmatism and objectivity.

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