Mona De Castellarnau designed by Anagrama

Opinion by Richard Baird.

Monogram, logotype and embroidered labels for luxury lifestyle brand Mona De Castellarnau designed by Anagrama

Mona De Castellarnau is a US based luxury lifestyle brand that creates and retails a unique collection of crafted and meaningful objects that are said to reflect timeless beauty, simplicity and authenticity. Objects include home furnishings, accessories, bags and throws. Each are designed with an appreciation for tradition and provenance, an understanding of artisanal disciplines, and utilise simple forms, prints, patterns and colors.

Mona De Castellarnau’s visual identity, designed by Mexican graphic design studio Anagrama, communicates its values and aesthetic sensitivities through a clear contrast of modernity and tradition, craft detail, minimalism and functionality delivered through monogram, logotype, business cards, tag, label and packaging design treatments.

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Skovin designed by Heydays

Catalogue with coloured paper and die cut cover designed by Heydays for Norwegian high-end wood flooring supplier Skovin

Skovin is Norwegian, high-end, solid wood floor specialist that combines ancient craftsmanship with modern technologies. By mixing a wood veneer business card and a traditional name drawn from the old word Skøyen, the area in Oslo where the company was founded, with geometric shapes and die cuts, panels of flat colour and sans-serif typography, Skovin’s identity, designed by Heydays, intends to express the company’s fusion of past and present process.

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