Peter Arkle Limited Edition

Packaging with monochromatic illustration and copper foil detail designed by New York based artist Peter Arkle for single malt Scotch whisky anCnoc

This week, anCnoc, a brand of single malt Scotch whisky, launched a limited edition range, created by Scottish, New York based artist Peter Arkle. The packaging mixes the familiar copper foil and spacious white design of its standard ranges but fused with a loose hand drawn black ink illustrative details that captures the product’s simple ingredients and distinctive process while neatly visualising the crafted sensibilities and ‘magic’ of the brand. This aesthetic extends across a microsite that, in tandem, highlights both anCnoc and Peter’s approach.

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DB Draught by Designworks

Packaging with illustrative detail created by Designworks for award winning New Zealand draught ale DB Draught

DB Draught is an award winning New Zealand draught ale produced by Singaporean and Dutch owned DB Breweries, an Auckland based company that also brews for popular beer brands such as Heineken, Amstel and Tiger. This year DB Draught underwent a rebranding exercise, conducted by international studio Designworks, to develop the brand’s 80 year heritage and remain relevant to today’s customer.

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Hema Dekbed designed by Studio Kluif

Packaging featuring a white ink across a canvas bag designed by Studio Kluif for Hema's Dekbed range

HEMA is an international retailer established in 1926 with over 400 shops across the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxumberg and Germany. HEMA typically sells own brand products across a variety of categories including clothing, food, gardening tools, office supplies and homeware. Studio Kluif has been involved in the branding and packaging of these products since 2002 and this year was responsible for creating the packaging for the new bedding range ‘Dekbed’. Following the playful and loose illustrative style utilised across other Hema ranges, Studio Kluif has crafted a detailed ‘to-bed’ visual narrative confidently executed in a single colour.

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